Neil Tomba

3000 miles.
30 days.
100s of

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The Tour


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“Where God
has us is where
Jesus is”

neil tomba  |  northwest bible


Why Cycling

Neil is an avid cyclist. He's competed in many races including the 207 mile Dirty Kanza and the Leadville Trail 100 MTB. If you're in Dallas, you can find Neil riding around White Rock Lake most mornings. In June 2019, Neil will be cycling across the United States where, along the way, he intends to engage in conversations about faith and Jesus with individuals from all walks of life. His Conversations Coast to Coast campaign is set to be the subject of his first book, and the cross-country ride is expected to become a documentary film.



  • To create momentum for our 7 year church vision that I will be launching this January: “By our 75th anniversary, we will be having 1000’s of surprisingly easy to start conversations about Jesus all over our city because we are convinced, ‘where God has us, is where Jesus is.’”

  • To experience and endure through the physical and emotional challenge of riding across the country in 30-35 days.

  • To have two significant conversations every day that we capture on film.

  • To cause people I have conversations with to be encouraged, to think, and challenge their preconceived notions of Christians.

  • To show people at our church that having conversations about Jesus brings joy.

  • To learn what people think and feel when someone initiates a spiritual conversation with them.

  • To learn what I (as an initiator of spiritual conversations) can do better or need to change when engaging people in conversations.

  • To write a book that could be helpful for people on both ends of spiritual conversations.

  • To develop a NETFLIX quality documentary that would be both instructional and encouraging for people to have conversations about Jesus.

  • To see God to something beyond what I could imagine.

  • To create a catalyst for people in our church to pray for opportunities to have conversations about Jesus in Dallas.



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